Are you looking to shop at Amazon, but do not have a credit or debit card to use to pay for your orders? With it’s not a problem, as we offer a convenient Mastercard payment virtual credit card for online orders.

How to use a VCC for placing an order at Amazon?

Just add it as you would add a debit or credit card, the VCC will have a limit with the balance that you buy it for (if you buy a virtual card loaded with $50 you can spend up to $50), do note that sometimes websites place authorization charges amounting up to $2, so you may need to buy a $55 loaded VCC to spend $50, this is normal and applies to regular credit and debit cards also.

Can I use this VCC for Amazon Prime trial?

Yes! VCCs sold in our shop are eligible for the Amazon Prime trial. You can activate it upon placing your order to get benefits that may include increasing the shipping speed of your Amazon order.

What happens if he virtual credit card gets declined on Amazon?

We have a policy in place for our Mastercard payment virtual credit cards: if your order does not go through or for any reason whatsoever your VCC gets declined and you don’t want to use it on another website, we will refund you the balance on the card provided you did not use it beforehand.

Who is this Amazon VCC good for?

Our product is perfect for dropshipping and for other uses for Amazon. If needed, we can top up your card with more balance, regular customers can expect other benefits that we may introduce in order to help your business grow even further.