In our online store we have a wide range of virtual credit cards for PayPal with instant delivery, you can check the full catalog here. These VCC can be used for full card verification of your PayPal account (including the 4 digit code confirmation).

Woman using virtual credit card to verify her PayPal account

Woman using virtual credit card to verify her PayPal account

How to verify your PayPal account with a virtual credit card

There are 2 methods

The first one:

Navigate to your wallet.

Click Link a card

Enter your PayPal VCC details.

Your card will be added and you should send a 4 digit code to the statement to finish the verification process. PayPal should prompt you to do this, but if it doesn’t you can start the process manually by clicking on “confirm card”. After this, please contact us. We will send you your 4 digit expuse code as soon as possible.

If you cannot follow the steps above

It can be that you cannot find a way to link a card or something does not work. In this case we recommend going to your PayPal account settings -> Financial Information -> Link a card and continue the process from there. It is the same as in step 1.


We hope this information will help you verify your PayPal account. You do not need a real credit card – our instant VCC will do the job. You can place an order in our online store and it will be processed within minutes after confirmation of payment. Add the card to your account, request the code from PayPal, then request the code from us (please let us know the card number). We will get back to you with the code, which you can input on PayPal’s website to fully verify your PayPal account and raise your sending and other limits (they vary on a per-account basis).

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