InstaVCC Plans for 2017

2017 is just around the corner and we’ve got great plans for our SMS PV service, however we will need your support in order to continue working on it. In its current state it’s working great: you are able to verify any website with SMS that accepts Russian numbers. As we’ve mentioned before, if the website that you want to verify with our online SMS PV service is not on the list, simply choose ‘Other’. If we see high demand for a particular service, we will add it to the system to ensure that more numbers are available for that service.

Planned Features for our Online SMS Phone Verification Service:

  • Renting numbers to receive SMS messages. We are thinking of allowing the rent of our numbers for personal use, allowing you to receive as many messages as you want for the period of rent. We were thinking of allowing rent of numbers for periods of 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. This is subject to change. You would have a personal dashboard, where all of your messages would be displayed.
  • API Access for use with your own websites and programs for automation.
  • Receiving codes for the same service. Right now you can only receive an SMS message once and after that you can’t receive any extra messages on the same number. If we will see a high demand for this feature, we will allow you to receive as many messages as you want for the same service for a fee, provided the phone number is still in use. This will be a risky solution if you plan on receiving an SMS message days or weeks after you first used the number, so we would recommend renting a number instead. However if you need to receive messages the same day on the same number you should be fine. Often the numbers will still be there 2-4 weeks or even longer after your first activation, but we will not provided guarantees on that.


Plans for Virtual Cards and Private Proxies:

As for virtual cards and private proxies, we currently don’t have any specific plans for 2017. As time passes we will make changes to those services accordingly, but so far it seems that everything will stay the same way. Perhaps we will finally be able to provide not just Amazon Prime VCC, but also Bing Ads VCC, Azure VCC, Google Cloud VCC and many others. No promises on that, but the cards that work with these services are already there, we are just always out of stock and unable to provide them for our store in amounts that would suit our customers and there’s a high demand for them.



In 2017 we plan on switching 100% to Bitcoin since it already amounts for 99% of all our orders. It is a lot cheaper and less risky for us compared to other payment methods like PayPal. This way we can save the effort and time we spend on processing payments and spend it on improving our services instead. If you switch over to Bitcoin you will not regret it, and the more people use Bitcoin the more services and websites you can spend your money on. We recommend reading resources like and if you are new to it.



We are glad to be of service to our customers and we hope we can continue suiting your needs.

Thanks for staying with us!