Mastercard VCC for Online Payments in USD (Prepaid)

10.00 $375.00 $

Mastercard VCC for online payments anywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

IMPORTANT 1: This VCC is for payments ONLY. TRIALS DO NOT WORK. Subscription payment for Netflix, etc. do not work. This card is for PURCHASE only.

IMPORTANT 2: By default, the balance is in USD, if you need to make a payment in another currency, please choose the currency from the list. Example: You choose 5 USD balance card and EUR currency, 5 USD will be converted to EUR at market rate = your card will have ~4.61 EUR balance on it.

If your desired currency is not listed or you wish to make payments in multiple currencies, select the multi-currency option (additional fees will be applied)

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If you need to make a payment, you can buy a Mastercard VCC for online payments from InstaVCC. It is the perfect product for your needs as you can use it anywhere online where Mastercard is accepted.

We will need some time to issue your virtual card, but rest assured that everything will be enabled and working, including currency conversion* and online payments.

The price you see on the website is the final price with all issuance and maintenance fees included – there is no need to pay a weekly or monthly fee for the VCC to keep it active, however by default the VCC is valid for only 2 days (even though the expiry date is longer). If you need to have it work longer, please contact us and we will see what we can do. If our circumstances do not allow to extend the validity of the card for free, we will ask for an extra fee depending on the amount of time you need. We will try to assist you whenever possible, but depending on the amount of orders we have to process we might be unable to.

There are, however, some fees which are imposed by the card issuer that we cannot cover – a 3% currency conversion fee*, a chargeback fee.

Your VCC comes with warranty, meaning if it did not work for any reason on your website you will get a full refund, no questions asked. Just contact us and let us know the card number and order ID, as well as the payment instructions so we can pay you back. You will be refunded 100% of your original payment method. HOWEVER, if you did manage to use the virtual card and incurred a charge on the card, we will be unable to issue you a full refund as per our terms, you will be billed a 30% refund fee meaning you will get back 70% of the balance to your original payment method. We believe this policy is fair and hope that you can feel safe that in case something didn’t work (which happens sometimes on some websites for reasons only they and their payment processor can explain to you), you will get your money back.

The card supports refunds, so if you receive a faulty product or buy something that is misleading, you are able to request that the seller issues you a full or partial refund. This is done on your side and on the sellers sides, as we do not offer the functionality to initiate a dispute with the seller, you must try to solve it with the seller first. If you do come to an agreement with the other party, the refund will be credited to the card within 14 calendar days, which you can then use or get back to your payment method.

* Please specify which currency you will use. If you only need to make USD payments, you do not need to specify anything extra. However, if you need to make payments in another currency, please tell us in the order notes. We will adjust the currency to your needs at no extra fee for you. If you need to make payments in multiple currencies, however, there will be a small 3% fee.

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