Virtual credit cards are not some magic code that you put into a website (although you could say that they are since they do protect your real credit card details from unwanted charges and forgotten trials), they require careful consideration before use – if you buy a VCC online from our store that was issued in Russia and try to use it with your Indian IP address and billing details, it may raise some questions and trigger the security system and fraud prevention measures from the payment gateway, even though the card is yours that you paid for. This is normal, and it can happen with your real plastic card too. A lot of websites do not have such strict measures, but a lot of them do. Therefore, we advise you to use billing details and IP address of the issuing country. If you know what you are doing and you are sure that the VCC will work, you can of course go ahead and buy a VCC with Bitcoin from our store. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and ask any VCC pre-sales questions that you may have.

We are also working on expanding our knowledge base with useful information regarding questions about using VCC BIN that are asked often, here is some of that information:

How to use VCC